Basic SEO $450 
Register your business with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
Establish assurance that your pages are coded correctly to meet the search engines criteria
Set up main titles and descriptions for search optimization
Add body tags on your important business topics
Use your url consistently across your entire site to make sure you’re linked by the same names, that all the sites recognize you as the same entity. 

On-site SEO $900
The on-site code optimization is to be most effective for search engines, adding meta description, optimization coding & keywords for search engines.
1. Optimize pages
2. Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations
3. Meta tags description optimization
4. On-site SEO Techniques
5. Google analytics/One Analysis

  • In-Depth SEO Activity & Analysis Plan
    $650/per month (6 month minimum)
    Our SEO activity plan and monthly analysis keeps track of your optimizations and gives us the analytic tools to continue optimizing. Encompasses the process of optimizing site language, search engines, and understanding your target audience in order to optimize for them. You’re fully optimized when you’re the one being tagged.
    1. Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations
    2. Google my business
    3. Google analytics / Monthly analysis
    4. SEO Activity plans
    5. Website Infrastructure
    6. On-site SEO Techniques
    Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Tags, Url Structure, Body Tags, Keyword Density, Image SEO, Internal Linking
    7. Off-site SEO Techniques
    Social Networking Sites, Blogging, Blog Marketing, Forum Marketing, Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Link Baiting, Photo Sharing, Video Marketing, Business Reviews, Local Listings, Article Submission