Travel planning

VOQUS virtual task managers can assist our clients with various travel planning and arrangements. 

from $129

Price does not include Travel Cost

hours: 9am-6pm | Extended hours available

Our team will log in your car rental preference and secure your credit and/or debit card within our datebase. Please note debit card purchases for car rental may place an additional $200 hold on your card.

Your seat, class and airline preference will be added securely to our datebase for quick access from your assistant. We will also secure and update information such as frequent flier miles and your  passport information.

From the most known hotels to the hippest and safest AirBNB apartments, your VOQUS assistant will search for the best and most comfortable stay during your trip that is within your budget based on your preference. 

Your VOQUS assistant will provide local attractions and current events within a 25 mile radius.

You will receive information on various eateries based on your preferences for all meal courses.

Simply send a picture of all of your receipts and your assistant will securely file them.