VOQUS virtual task managers can assist our clients with various administrative & marketing tasks. 

from $129

hours: 9am-6pm | Extended hours available

  • Administrative

Our team will assist you by scheduling pick ups and deliveries, schedule meetings, managing calendars, and virtual customer services.

  • Executive

We can assist with executive duties such as expense reporting, payroll and email management tools such as preparing email alerts and creating rules & filters.

  • Research

VOQUS assistants can receive quotes from vendors & service providers, search for gifts & deals, perform competitive analytics and check data for accuracy.

  • Marketing

Your VOQUS assistant is able to create drip marketing campaigns, conduct timely keyword searches, create Google Adwords and perform Google Analytics, proofread blog posts and assist with content marketing.

  • Social Media

VOQUS task managers can create and manager your social media accounts, respond to queries & comments, create social media templates, generate potential leads, and update your audience on new products and/or features.