Client Spotlight : Phoenix Nte`

Phoenix Jainte` is a 25- year old fashion designer from Portland. She describes her brand, Phoenix Nte`,  as being a hippie Millennial who just enjoys living in the moment. Colorful and boldly.

Her goal was to create a recognizable fashion brand that would bring engagement among the late Millennial/ Early Gen-Z market.

Brand Direction

What would your brand sound like?

Honestly, my brand would go from loud, like an outdoor concert.

What emotions will your brand steer up within your potential customers?

My brand and everyone it relates to being fearless. It strikes peace and laughter, lots of engagement with friends and strangers.


What does your brand smell like?

My brand would probably smoke lol it smells like what older people would call yesteryear.

What would your brand be wearing?

Bedazzled cut off shorts, hats, shades, converse, crop tees, and fitted caps.

Brand Board



Brand Design

At the end of each branding call, I ask my clients a final question: How do you want your audience to feel after engaging with your brand?

I want my audience to just feel empowered. I want them to enjoy life “in the moment” and to not take even the worse of things too seriously. Just enjoy looking good, feeling great, and appreciate everyone they meet.

Phoenix, I know your are doing major things and I am so happy that I could assist!

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