Client Spotlight : Chef Jurzi

Chef Jurzi Banks is a traveling personal chef that specializes in exquisite meals as well as one on one food prep training.

We helped Jurzi redefine her visual identity, based on a simple yet bold word mark and symbolism, creating a well defined identity her within the Culinary industry.

Brand Direction

What would your brand look like?

A gorgeous woman who has great grammar and even better conversation.

What would your brand sound like?

Kenny G  playing the saxophone. Calm, relaxing, filled with experience.

What emotions will your brand steer up within your potential customers?

Happiness. I want my brand to be a conversational piece to my clients. I want them to be comfortable to ask any questions and be able to fall in love with the elite experience of Chef Jurzi

What does your brand smell like?

A medium well ribeye seared in organic butter.

What would your brand be wearing?

Red lipstick and chef hat.


Brand Board

Brand Design



At the end of each branding call, I ask my clients a final question: How do you want your audience to feel after engaging with your brand?

I want my clients to feel fulfilled. I want them to be able to pair wines properly and to engage in some form of culinary arts.

During my time working with Chef Jurzi, my beautiful Uncle Daniel suddenly passed away. Jurzi sent a wonderful gift basket to my family and I will forever appreciate the lovely gesture.

Chef Jurzi, many blessings sent to you and your success and I cannot wait to have a dinner session with you soon!

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