Let Me Help Bring Your Visions To Life

As your Brand Aesthetics Architect I will design creative styles to help tell your story while build a compelling identity that's distinct & authentic.

Sometimes You Have To Create What You Want To Be A Part Of.

Success is a series of small wins. Our mission at Cassie Rachel Designs™ is to help you focus on your goals by only looking ahead.

  • A Branding Studio Designed for the Creative Entrepreneur!

    Cassie Rachel Designs™ specializes in dressing your business for success! Brand Consulting + Brand Design + Brand Development

    My services are the crème de la crème of business branding, preparing you with everything you need from designing your main logo to strategic business development as well as social media marketing.

    Our clients are the passionate dreamers that have a built-in drive to positively change lives. Artists, influencers, compassion and connection driven. Inventors. Community Centered. Go-getters, trend setters, out of the box thinkers, innovators, problem solvers, heart centered hustlers, difference makers. Cassie Rachel's clients are remarkable human beings who are ready to shine their light in this dark world brightly.

    Let's Work!